Jordan Poole scored 32 points off the bench and the Warriors broke the heat

Jordan Poole scored 32 points off the bench and the Warriors broke the heat

Jordan Poole score

Jordan Poole scored 32 points off the bench and the Warriors broke the heat.

San Francisco — Jordan Poole is in Boston, cut off from jumping jacks, burpees, rock climbers, whatever you can to stay in shape while stuck in a hotel room. Poole scored 32 points on his new reserve, Andrew Wiggins added 22 points and Stephen Curry made a major dunk leaving 4:34 on a quiet night, while the Golden State Warriors made a significant dunk Monday night. Heat 115-108. “It was huge. All 32 points from him were needed and Steve’s early foul problem changed our rotation,” said Steve Kerr.

Jordan has become an important player for us. He was coming off the bench.” Heat star Jimmy Butler was flipped to the left 3:14 in the third quarter after injuring his right ankle and injuring himself uncomfortably. Butler scored 22 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. Curry had a low of 9 points on the season. The top active scorer scored his first point with 3s at 7:45 am in the second quarter and immediately scored seven points. He landed three times 17 times and provided 10 to 10 or 3 times and 10 assists.

Kyle Lowry called up a fifth staff member, scoring 16 points and 11 assists for the Heat to play on foul matters

Draymond Green delivered 13 assists that came back after missing two games in the league’s health and safety records. Meanwhile, Poole came off the bench in the second game after finishing six games on the record. “That’s the only thing he likes. He loves to compete, he loves basketball games and he’s always ready,” he asked the Guardian to use his athletic ability to make some blocked shots. Wiggins, who has been in the third year of the challenge, said. .. Curry made the second foul at the 9:18 mark on the first foul and sat down as the pool entered and immediately knocked down a 3. Gary Payton II posted double-digit scores for seven straight games, scoring 14 points

P.J. Tucker was still classified as a suspect prior to the warm-up exercise and was deemed available after being searched for health and safety reasons

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Hint-INS Heat: Miami lost in its second straight street game. … the heat always dropped to 13-21 when they played on the Golden State court. They host the Warriors for their second game of the season on March 23. Warriors: Golden State had more than 39 consecutive assists, the first team since Indiana in April 1994. … sophomore James Wiseman, who recovered from right knee surgery, has been removed from the records of health and safety, and Carr hopes to get in touch and start exercising next week. The tall man participates in the morning shooting and does not travel.

THOMPSON SHOWS Klay Thompson surprised Splash Brother Curry with a great and impressive warm-up program as fans raised their arms excitedly to applaud

Thompson is scheduled for a two-game road trip, dating for more than two years with a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee, and then will face Cleveland on Sunday for surgery and surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon.